Thursday, February 21, 2008

The "You are Loved" Book

I made this 8x8 book for Bryan for his 30th birthday. I basically made 2 pages per person (mostly his family) and on the first page was a picture & the second page the person wrote about their memories of bryan and why they love him so much. He said it was his favorite gift and it almost made him cry. Here are just some of the pages- he didn't want me to put the pages in of what everyone wrote...too personal =). Oh and this was very difficult to make because I had to do it while he was out of the house & while I was working on 2 other scrapbooks...but I'm really happy with how it turned out.


Emily said...

I love love love it! YOu are awesome and I LOVE the fact that you have this little blog. thank you for the awesome idea!

Tami said...

Alyse - I'm impressed! You have a knack for this stuff... It's rare for me to ever get crafty - though you'd be proud of the book I made for Brent for Valentine's Day. I put all our love letters and old cards, emails, etc. into a scrapbook, along with some slightly scandalous photos of me (if ya know what I mean...). It was a big hit, and I was surprised how much fun I had doing it.