Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sad News, but GREAT NEWS!!

So, for all you Utahns out there, All My Memories in Draper is closing it's doors- sad, huh? BUT, the fabulous part of it is that they are having a GINORMOUS Sale on EVERYTHING! Here is the breakdown of the sale:
March 24-March 29: 35%off

March 31-April 5: 40%off

April 7-April 12: 50%off

April 14-April 19: 60%off

April 21-April 26: 70%off

Crazy good, huh? I was there when they had it for 25% off and they had a full stock off supplies still- I wonder what it will be like at 50% off, but I'll be sure to make it out there again!

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