Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June Calendar

Sorry I haven't posted in FOREVER, but we have been having computer issues & have been busy finishing the basement. Once the basement is done (hopefully in the next few weeks) I should be posting at least weekly! But, for now it might be a little slow. I also hope to start doing give-aways once I have more time to scrap and blog! So...be sure to look for that!

Below are pictures of my mom's cute calendar that she makes...this is the June page and it is a gardening theme...SO CUTE!


Emily said...

WOW that is AMAZING!!

deb said...

super cute!

Jane said...

I haven't been to your scrapbooking site for a while. WOW! You are simply amazing, I can't even believe how cute your stuff it (well, I can because it is YOU, afterall) Finish that basement so I can come see it and envy your scrapbook room!!