Friday, April 29, 2011

One year later...

Exactly one year ago today we signed the papers and got the keys to our home! What a year it has been...especially in the de-stinkifying, re-carpeting, painting, fixing everything, decorating and getting rid of the ugly sense! Here are some pictures (well actually A TON of pictures) showing our progress. Enjoy!
The entry before:

The family room before:

After:The kitchen before:

The Laundry Room before:

After:Master entry:
Master before:


Master bath before:

The dining room before:

The stairs before:
After:The landing (no before):

Jackson's Bedroom before:


Cooper's Bedroom before:

After:Play room (no before). Just picture nasty orange EVERYWHERE and the ugliest light fixture ever:

Scrapbook/guest room (no before):


Krista said...

Alyse, I can't believe it has been a year and you have already done all that beautiful work. I love it!!! You are so talented, I need you to come back to Utah and decorate my new house whenever we get one:)

Emily said...

I second what Krista just said. I am so amazed! It is SO beautiful. Looking at it makes me have anxiety because I want my house to look like that but it will never ever happen. oh well ;)

Katie said...

WOW it looks amazing! I love your style and colors Alyse!

Jane said...

It is gorgeous, I wish I could move right in. You are so talented and have amazing taste. I love all the color!

Tami said...

i can't even believe you did all that in a year. kind of inspires me, but also kind of depresses me. :) we still have so far to go in our new house. i love your place - your style is killer. it all feels so fresh, clean, happy, and young. love it. my random fave things are your piano, your turquoise bath mats, the landing at the top of the stairs, and the blue dresser in the dining room.

Carmen said...

So gorgeous! I want a scrapbook room like that when I get my own place!

Annie said...

WOW these pics are fab!!! Your house looks wonderful!

Annie B