Friday, August 31, 2012

My first "commissioned" room

Last week my friend Kim decided she wanted to surprise her soon to be12-year-old son with a newly decorated room for his birthday. She asked me to help out & I was so excited! So last week I began planning & Kim began her scheming...trying to take out the dressers in his room without him knowing what was going on, etc. The day of his Birthday (yesterday) a bunch of us girls went over to Kim's and painted his room & put it all together. He was so surprised!

The before:

The After:

The paint color is this bright and beautiful blue from Sherwin Williams called Tame Teal. We got the orange comforter from Target. The lamps, books, lampshades, both clocks, frames and chair were all thrifted. (Special thanks to Cassie for finding those awesome!) The curtain fabric was from Hobby Lobby. He already had the dressers which were painted in a "global blue". The picture above his wall was a blown up print from Staples- for around $6! I love how it turned out- and even more important so did Kim's son!


Cassie said...

Love it! It was so much fun. What's the next project?!

Tami said...

looks so great. i really wish you lived closer so you could come help me with my house. or so i could at least buy some of your awesome pieces off you. wanna come for a so cal vacay??

Cielle Salazar said...

Love it! You are so talented. Thanks for the great ideas! I am trying to get Alex's room looking a little more grown up right now... Wish me luck.